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...is Engineering Excellence.

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If you have found our website, it’s likely that your work is related to architecture and the field of construction, and you have ideas on how to improve our urban environment ‒ projects of unusual architecture and immense scale. If the previous sentence describes you even to just a certain extent, then it’s people like you who are  the main reason why our company was established ‒ architectural and structural projects with time constraints, requiring precise and tough decision making is what we work with every day. If you are a contractor, an architect, a structural engineer or a project manager who deals with ambitious projects requiring quality structural engineering solutions, you are a kind of professional we are always looking to work with. Maybe you are not involved in any projects yet ‒ maybe you are a potential member of our team?

Why would you want us to be part of your project team?

Every project is distinct in its own way, especially international projects. They require a certain background of knowledge and often local companies are better equipped to fulfil the task more than international ones. To keep up with the competition and the possible globalization of your project, we have divided our entire company into teams which delve deeply into a particular country’s project requirements and national standards. No matter where you decide to implement your project, whether it be in Sweden, Norway, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania or any country in the EU,  we have every country covered. You give us the architectural information and project location, and we do the rest. A specialized team which is competent, experienced and ready to accept any challenge will be assigned to carry out the design and drawing production tasks. The team will utilize the latest software such as “Tekla Structures” and “SOFiSTiK” to minimize any discrepancies, improve communication between project members and increase the speed of the design and drawing production of your project. If you have high expectations, then these become our obligations ‒ all our internal processes are carried out according to the LEAN philosophy, which put simply means that everything is being improved every single second. This results in flexible problem solving which is essential for your project success.

Competent and experienced engineers, flexible problem solving and the latest BIM technology is the key to your project’s success.

How can we solve your problems?
  • We will realize your project by selecting appropriate structural elements based on linear and non-linear calculations and result analysis using “SOFiSTiK”.
  • We will prepare all the necessary documentation for a detailed project (DP).
  • We will prepare the manufacturing drawings for the steel and prefabricated concrete structural elements.
  • We will make a BIM model of any kind using “Tekla Structures” according to your needs.
  • You can ask us any questions regarding structural design or BIM implementation and we will be more than happy to help you.

If you are interested in getting a commercial proposal for the structural part of your project, please contact us by  filling in this form.

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